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Who are we?

Board of European Students of Technology

Just like you, we are students, full of energy and ideas, who wanted to put their spare time to the best use. Together with other european engineering students, with which we are not only bonded by the field of study, but also by our vision regarding education and our passion for successful projects, we shape BEST.

BEST Seasonal Courses

If you’ve ever dreamt to study at a University in Europe, then the BEST Seasonal Courses are the perfect opportunity for you! Learning for a week at one of the most renowned universities might be the adventure of your life!
The BEST programme of complementary education through the Seasonal Courses is one of the oldest and most important projects of ours, with the purpose to help young adults grasp information from different fields of study and contribute to their personal development.

Prove it

Prove it is a 24 hours hackathon which launches a series of challenges from a wide range of technical areas. Our event encourages the participants to get out of their comfort zone and think outside the box while learning about teamwork.


BEST Training Weekend - BTW

The purpose of this event is the multilateral development of students, not only professionally but also personally. Presently, the knowledge offered by the academic field are focused on the field of study, therefore students might lack the possibility to develop other abilities, like communication. However, here is where the non-formal education intervenes, represented with success by events such as BEST Training Weekend.


The National Event on Career - JobShop®

JobShop® provides direct interaction between students or graduates and companies, opportunities for an exchange of ideas between professors, young adults and bussiness environment and also it brings students closer to their dream job.


European BEST Engineering Competition - EBEC

EBEC is an engineering competition dedicated to engineering students. Its mission is to link students with leaders from different fields of engineering, to improve not only their technical abilities, but also their non-technical ones in a competitive medium and to broaden their horizons by challenging them through different trials based on teamwork.


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Nothing compares with the life of a student: you have energy, all the time in the world and also motivation to do things right.
If you want to get involved into projects that will bring you not only satisfaction, but also unique experiences, become a BEST volunteer.

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You had enough energy to change the world, the motivation to do that and you wanted to make a change. What probably missed were the means to do that. We could provide you with our time, energy and knowledge to accomplish our mission: the development of students.

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